Hanta Educational Services Ltd (Hanta-ESL) is a member of the Hanta Associates Group, which is the ‘Lead Organisation’ in the Hanta Consortium. In addition to its Dublin, Ireland, offices, Hanta has bases in the UK and the UAE and has forged an international network of organisations, partners and employers in several EU countries, as well as in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

Hanta has over a decade of experience and expertise in managing and implementing projects and initiatives at national and European levels, targeting youth and adult groups by providing holistic learner-centred support and tailored offers.

Their work focuses on delivering high-quality work placement programmes, as well as tackling a variety of social issues, including youth unemployment, adult education opportunities, disability rights, social inclusion and empowerment of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Additionally, Hanta is an expert in the development of resources, including formal and non-formal training modules, digital platforms and materials.

Hanta helped deliver the UK National ‘Future Jobs Fund’ (FJF) project for the Department of Work & Pensions over two contract cycles from late 2009 to 2011. The FJF programme aimed to reduce the number of young people categorised as NEET through government subsidised work placements with local and regional employers. The consortium arranged 250 FJF job starts, resulting in long-term employment for a vast majority of the participants.

Hanta has worked with VET colleges across Europe, Asia and the Middle East by providing work placements for international students. The placements were in a wide range of sectors and specific to the students’ chosen field of study, enabling the students to obtain their qualifications.

Hanta-ESL cooperates with institutions by delivering their apprenticeship, work-placement and/or internship programmes. Hanta utilises traditional approaches alongside a working model featuring an initial trial phase, which benefits both the employer and the candidates by enabling fast personal development and sustainable long-term employment.

Hanta Associates has been focusing on providing a complete “360-degree” service for individuals, schools, colleges, universities and businesses in Europe and overseas. This service not only focuses on delivering and organising work placements but also on providing further holistic support throughout the entire duration of the placements, including tailored language lessons (one-to-one and group tuition), accommodation, travel and cultural activities. The fields in which the students conducted their internships include chemical/mechanical engineering, medical services, law, international trade, accounting, recruitment, graphic design, photography, visual arts, video production, logistics, marketing and retail.

Hanta Associates has been involved in the Erasmus+ programme since 2015, organising KA1 mobilities for students and teachers from multiple European countries including Spain, France, Malta, Slovakia and Lithuania.

Additionally, the company has over 5 years of extensive experience both coordinating and partnering in various KA2 strategic partnerships.

These projects tackled numerous social and educational issues, such as;

  • Early School Leaving
  • Continual Professional Development in the field of education
  •  Vocational education of students with disabilities
  • Family support for parents of children with disabilities
  • Cultural heritage
  • Migrants & refugees
  • Youth unemployment
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Media literacy
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Health & substance misuse

Alongside the organisation and management of project activities and mobilities, Hanta delivers high-quality training courses tailored to specific target groups and takes part in the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi). EaSi assists unemployed EU citizens aged 30 or above.

In 2021, Hanta was granted funding through the UK National Turing Scheme, focusing on worldwide mobilities and tailored work placements for UK VET students. Thanks to the project, it has expanded its international network and has secured long-lasting collaborations with employers all over the world, including Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Thailand, the US and New Zealand.