Get Techy: ICT for Educators

Course Description

The modern age is one in which technology is constantly evolving and becoming more and more prevalent in society. As such, it is important for educators to receive training in how to use and integrate technology into their classrooms. This training helps educators keep up with the latest technology trends and learn how to use new tools to engage and motivate their students. Additionally, ICT training can help educators to better understand how to use technology to support and enhance their teaching and assessment practices.

Course Content

  • Introduction to ICT and its applications in education
  • The role of ICT in education
  • ICT-based teaching and learning approaches
  • ICT resources for teaching and learning
  • Webtools and mobile applications for teaching 
  • ICT in the curriculum
  • ICT and assessment
  • Managing ICT in the classroom
  • Professional development for ICT in education

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand and keep up with the latest technology trends
  • Learn how to facilitate the use of ICT in the classroom
  • Use new technology tools to engage and motivate students
  • Use technology to support and enhance teaching and assessment practices
  • Create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students
  • Become more adept at responding to and implementing technological change
  • Recognise which approaches to the use of ICT are most effective
  • Continue their own professional learning and keep up with new trends and developments in education

Assessment and Certificates

Assessment of performance will be through delegate-completed portfolio of work. The final course certification for successful completion is a college-issued “Course Certificate of Completion”, for each module studied. In addition, where applicable, delegates will receive relevant EuroPass certificates.