Creative Drama Teaching Strategies for Engaging Students

Creative Drama Teaching Strategies for Engaging Students

Course Description

Creative drama, as an informal teaching method, is a dynamic process whereby students are encouraged to make connections between the learning process and real life. By encouraging students to use creative drama techniques, they are able to link the learning processes of all school subjects and language education to real-world scenarios. Through drama, students can express themselves, share ideas, and recreate literary pieces or situations, thus allowing them to internalise the learning process.

This course is designed to equip teachers from all fields with the skills and techniques necessary to incorporate drama-based activities into their lessons. Participants will learn how to use drama to engage students and create a more dynamic learning environment.

By combining theory and practice, participants will gain an understanding of how drama can be used to boost students' confidence in school subjects, as well as foster creative and critical thinking skills. Through activities such as improvisation, storytelling, and role-play, participants will have the opportunity to generate and explore their own ideas, making them active and engaged learners.

Course Content

  • Tools for all educators to make their classes more engaging and purposeful for students
  • Workshops on incorporating creative drama into class settings
  • Utilising literary works (e.g. poems, stories, tales, plays)
  • Activities and techniques to encourage collaboration and teamwork among students
  • Formulating lesson plans based on various tools of theatre, such as improvisation, role play, storytelling and theatre games to engage students
  • Various physical and verbal warm-ups

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the theory and practice of drama techniques for use in education
  • Design and deliver classes using creative drama techniques
  • Encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a classroom setting
  • Foster creativity in students, enabling them to interactively and actively listen and engage in lessons
  • Improve their improvisation and self-expression skills
  • Utilise their bodies and voices as instruments to promote curiosity and creativity in students
  • Comprehend the importance of drama techniques for increasing students’ self-confidence, aiding them to handle and navigate situations and act instinctively/naturally without needing guidance from a leader
  • Familiarise themselves with drama techniques that can make the delivery of school subjects more fun, engaging, and exciting

Assessment and Certificates

Assessment of performance will be through delegate-completed portfolio of work. The final course certification for successful completion is a college-issued “Course Certificate of Completion”, for each module studied. In addition, where applicable, delegates will receive relevant EuroPass certificates.