Erasmus+ Training Courses

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HESL organises Erasmus+ training courses specially designed for educators working in schools, higher and adult education.
Our KA1 training courses provide educators with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in the classroom. They are tailored to meet the needs of every educator, whether they are a novice or a veteran. Educators will learn about the latest strategies and techniques to engage students, create a safe and supportive learning environment, and use technology effectively.

Our Erasmus+ training courses are also designed to help educators stay up-to-date on the latest educational trends and best practices, stay ahead of the curve and ensure their students are getting the best education possible.

Venues include: Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Verona) and Turkey (Antalya).

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AI Basics For Educators

Course Description Discover the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this course designed for educators, where we unravel the wonders of…

Get Techy: ICT for Educators

Our Erasmus+ teacher training course on ICT is perfect for educators who want to learn about the latest innovations and best practices…

Effective Classroom Management

Our Erasmus+ teacher training course on effective classroom management is designed for teachers wishing to learn techniques to keep their students engaged…

Outdoor Learning and ICT

Our Erasmus+ teacher training course on outdoor learning is designed for teachers wishing to develop the skills and knowledge needed to teach…

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