Eco-friendly routes & sustainable tourism | Erasmus + youth mobility in Estonia

We flew to Estonia in April for our 1st youth mobility as part of the Erasmus+ “Eco-tourism for Social Entrepreneurship, Health, and Well-being” project! Our Estonian partner hosted young people from Ireland, Portugal and Romania to work on eco-friendly routes and tips for sustainable tourism!

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The project

Eco-Tourism for Social Entrepreneurship Health and Well-Being Among Youth‘ is a KA210 youth project that aims to empower young people in rural and urban communities to engage with their green areas and take innovative action towards fighting climate change through the promotion of ecotourism.

The project involves young people and youth organisations from Estonia, Ireland, Portugal and Romania, which will be involved in local activities, webinars and 2 mobilties. During the project, a booklet, a website and an app will also be created.

The project has a Facebook page and Instagram page updated with all ongoing and scheduled activities.

Day 1 –  Embracing sustainability

The first day began with an introduction session with ice-breaker activities to get to know each other. We visited the youth centre and got the chance to learn more about Estonian youth work. In the afternoon, we started working on the project’s booklet. Each group presented the eco-friendly routes they had created during the local activities. We received useful feedback and we shared our ideas regarding the eco-friendly measure our country should adopt to enable eco-tourism. We finished off the day with a brainstorming session on the project’s app layout, which will be available soon!

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Day 2 – Exploring Paldiski

On the second day, the group took part in an exciting excursion to Paldiski, a former Soviet Navy closed town. They had the chance to explore the surroundings and discuss nuclear waste disposal while reflecting on the importance of preserving the natural environment and our health.

Day 3 – Advocating sustainable tourism

Continuing the theme of sustainability, day three focused on finalising the eco-friendly routes and tips. We also discussed and compared tips for sustainable tourism, which provided valuable insights into responsible travel practices in our countries.

In the afternoon, young people visited Rummu and learned about the requalification of an abandoned prison and flooded quarry, a local project for environmental conservation and heritage preservation.

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Day 4 – Reflection and Tallinn visit

As the mobility drew to a close, young people were given space to reflect on their experience, provide feedback and learn about the Youthpass certificate. To end the activity with a bang, we all took a day trip to Tallinn! We explored the city together and put into practice the eco-friendly routes and tips discussed!

What’s next?

The second and final mobility for this project is going to take place in Romania from the 8th to the 11th of October! We’re looking for 6 young people to take on this Erasmus+ funded mobility, so sign up here and get in touch to learn more!

Our  Facebook and Instagram pages are the best places to stay updated about all upcoming opportunities! We have a few coming up for young people all over Europe!

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