Equipping Educators Scheme

Equipping Educators Scheme

Starting January 2023, we are launching our Equipping Educators Scheme.

This scheme is designed for schools and VET colleges whose teachers take part in Erasmus+ funded training courses.

We understand that for institutions, securing funds for equipment and resources can be limited and while many countries may not face these challenges, many others are restricted in being able to provide quality education with adequate resources. Limited funding is a major issue, and it often means that students have to make do with outdated or insufficient materials.

Limited resources can have a serious impact on students’ learning and achievement. By working to overcome this problem, educators can ensure that their students have the tools they need to succeed.

This is where the Equipping Educators Scheme can help. For each group attending, you will receive vital equipment or resources used during the training, free of charge. You will not only learn how to use the equipment during the course but be able to take the equipment back to your institution to be used in the classroom.

How The ‘Equipping Educators Scheme’ Works

We have a range of courses that are eligible for the Equipping Educators Scheme.

Simple view the course list and select a training course with the Equipping Educators Scheme logo featured.

The groups must fall into the following criteria:

  • Funded by the Erasmus+ programme
  • A minimum 5 teachers per group (from schools or colleges only)
  • Maximum 3 courses within a 1-year cycle
  • Course must be booked and confirmed before 1st July 2023

Eligible Equipment/Resources

  • Software (computer programs with licences)
  • Hardware (devices)
  • Teaching materials (books, stationary etc)

*All electronic equipment will be supplied with the standard warranty/guarantees.

How To Apply For The ‘Equipping Educators Scheme’

Simply visit our list of courses and choose an applicable course. Once booked, you are automatically enrolled into the scheme.

Need Further Information?

If you are a school or VET college who is interested in applying for the scheme, we encourage you to get in touch. We would be happy to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to supporting you in your work with students.