Sustainability & Environmentally-Friendly Approaches To Teaching

Course Description

This sustainability and environmentally-friendly approaches to teaching course focuses on sustainability and environmentally-friendly teaching practices. Participants will learn about reducing their carbon footprint, incorporating sustainability into the classroom through reducing paper usage and using energy-efficient technology, and engage in hands-on activities to promote good practices in schools.

Course Content

  • Introduction to sustainability and environmental awareness
  • Overview of environmental impact of teaching practices
  • Strategies for reducing waste and energy consumption in the classroom
  • Best practices for using sustainable materials in teaching
  • Incorporating environmental education into the curriculum
  • Assessing and reducing the carbon footprint of school activities and events

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness in education
  • Identify and reduce the environmental impact of their teaching practices
  • Equip themselves with strategies to create a more sustainable classroom
  • Integrate environmental education into their teaching curriculum
  • Utilise methods for reducing the carbon footprint of school activities and events
  • Utilise resources and tools for promoting sustainability in education

Assessment and Certificates

Assessment of performance will be through delegate-completed portfolio of work. The final course certification for successful completion is a college-issued “Course Certificate of Completion”, for each module studied. In addition, where applicable, delegates will receive relevant EuroPass certificates.