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Youth activism and EU elections | Erasmus+ Mobility in Denmark | YEA – EU Project

In March, we got the chance to travel to Copenhagen as part of our “Youth Eco Activism in the EU” Erasmus+ project! Hosted by Copenhagen Youth Network, we discussed the Eu elections and youth eco-activism with young people and youth workers from Ireland, France, Denmark, Portugal, Italy and Romania!

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Day 1 – EEA & Copenhagen

We kicked off the mobility with a warm welcome and an energising activity to get everyone in the right spirit. In the afternoon, we took part in an insightful study visit at the European Environment Agency (EEA). This offered a deep dive into the European agency work, its contribution to the EU environmental studies and agenda. They also presented the internship opportunities available at the European Union and answered our questions on how to take part.

We also went on a great Copenhagen cultural tour delivered by one of the Danish young people.

Youth Activist in Copenhagen - Yeaeu project

Day 2 – Eu elections & youth civic engagement

Saturday 9th March was a very intense day! 

We started with a thought-provoking roundtable discussion focused on the common obstacles faced by youth in society concerning civic and political engagement, as well as voting. Participants shared their insights and experiences, as well as suggested some strategies to increase participation and awareness among younger generations.

In the afternoon, participants developed practical infographics outlining the steps to register and vote in the upcoming June European elections.

We finished off by discussing the role of the EU and the impact of the elections on shaping our future.

The results of our discussions and the infographics are now available on our website and project’s social media!

Day 3 – Mock elections & lobbying letters

On Sunday 10th March, we focused on putting into practice what we had discussed and making our voices heard!

We began with a mock EU election workshop, providing participants with hands-on experience of the electoral process and the opportunity to engage in lively debates on key issues. Following this, we conducted a workshop on creating lobbying letters to communicate their concerns and advocate for change at both local and EU levels.

We ended the day with fun activities for the cultural night in true Erasmus spirit.

Day 4 – Europa Experience visit

On Monday 11th March, we met up in front of the Europa Experience building in Copenhagen. Young people got the chance to get more familiar with the MEPs at the European Parliament and to discuss important European priorities.

Day 5 – Youthpass and farewell

The last day was all focussed on reflection, where young people shared their thoughts and feedback on the mobility, which will help organise the next meet-up in Portugal!

Is there another mobility?

Of course there’s another mobility! The next youth international activity will take place in Portugal in late November. There’s space for 5 young people so sign up here now to take part!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to have more information regarding this and other opportunities for youth funded under the Erasmus+ programme!

The Project

Youth Eco-Activism in the EU‘ is a KA220 youth project designed to raise awareness of the climate crisis among young people and equip them with the tools to take initiative and address these issues. Specifically, the project’s goal is to guide youth in creating their own social enterprises focused on mitigating climate change and to encourage more young people to engage in climate action through youth-led activism and participation in the EU elections in June 2024.

The project involves young people and youth workers from France, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Denmark. It includes local activities and 2 youth mobilities in 2024. Partners will also create two practical guidebooks on online activism and EU elections, and a platform with information to set-up youth-NGOs.

The project has a Facebook page and Instagram page updated with all ongoing and scheduled activities.