‘Youth Eco-Activism in the EU’ Project Approved!

We are proud to announce that the Erasmus+ project ‘Youth Eco-Activism in the EU’ has been approved!

About The Project

‘Youth Eco-Activism in the EU’ aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis among young people and provide them with the tools to take initiative and be actively involved in addressing these issues at local, national, and European levels. The project’s goal is to guide young people in creating their own social enterprises focused on mitigating climate change and to encourage more young people to engage in climate action through youth-led activism.

Project Activities

The project includes 4 work packages focused on online eco-activism, creating channels for political engagement, the creation of climate-focused, youth-led NGOs and a platform to be used by youth organisations and stakeholders at a local to EU level.

There are 2 TPMs, 1 virtual TPM and 2 LTTAs that will be carried out in order to support the development of the work packages and increase cross-border cooperation, with multiplier events held in each country to widen the project’s impact.


The project aims to enhance youth engagement in both learning and eco-activism, simultaneously expanding access to high-quality learning opportunities and offering support to youth workers in their provision. It will introduce eco-activism to youth organisations, involve young individuals in climate activism, and establish a central hub for climate actions. Tangible outcomes from YEAEU will encompass toolkits and guides for eco-activism and political participation, as well as a platform that empowers young people to establish their own youth-led NGOs.

The Partners

  1. Toulouse Youth Network (France)
  2. HESL (Ireland)
  3. For Citizens (Portugal)
  4. Copenhagen Youth Network (Denmark)
  5. Youth Vision (Romania)
  6. Youth Europe Service (Italy)

Project Duration

⏱ 24 months

📆 Start date: 01.09.2023

📆 End date: 31.08.2025

Programme Details

Programme: Erasmus+

Project Reference: 2023-1-FR02-KA220-YOU-000159007

Key Action: KA220-YOU Cooperation Partnerships

National Agency: FR02 – Agence Erasmus+ France Jeunesse & Sport (Agence du Service Civique)