Job Interview Example Videos & Test Exercise 2

Following up the exercises from the Video #1 Office Interview, we have prepared another set of questions related to a second example video.

This time, two young people are attending an interview for a customer service role. The first part shows you a bad example of a job interview, the second part shows you how to conduct and answer the interviewer’s questions correctly.

The employer’s questions asked in each video are different, so make sure to watch them both! 

You can download our free Guidebook on “Effective Communication Skills for Your First Job Interview” to help you with the questions.


Watch Interview #1 (starts at 00:44 and ends at 04:19) and answers the questions below.


Starts at 01:28 and ends at 01:48
Starts at 01:49 and ends at 02:06
Starts at 02:07 and ends at 02:28
Starts at 02:29 and ends at 02:43
Starts at 02:44 and ends at 03:10
Starts at 03:28 and ends at 03:45
Starts at 03:47 and ends at 04:19


Watch Interview #2 (starts at 04:20 and ends at 10:05) and answer the questions below.


Did you miss the first part of the exercise series? You can find it here.

We hope you find the videos useful and have as much fun watching them as we did making them!

Shape your future project

These job Interview example videos and the Guidebook were created as part of the Erasmus+ Shape Your Future Project, which is designed to help disadvantaged young people find opportunities in the labour market and develop entrepreneurial skills.

We have created many more digital resources for young people and youth workers during the project. Check them out here!

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