Employability Skills – Free Resources

As part of the Erasmus+ Shape Your Future project, we created some digital resources for young people with useful job interview tips!

We worked with our partners in Portugal, Spain, Romania and Poland to create these materials, making them comprehensive for young people across Europe and provide useful job interview tips.

You will find all the digital resources here below! They are FREE to use and download, and we will pilot them during the Shape Your Future online employability training course in January 2023!


The Project

The Shape Your Future project is designed to help disadvantaged young people find opportunities in the labour market and develop entrepreneurial skills. It also targets youth workers and their need to adapt to the online environment during and after the pandemic.
The project involves 5 partner countries in the creation of 3 main digital outputs: the platform, the mobile app and a booklet.
It also includes the organisation of 5 mobilities: 3 job shadowing for youth workers in Portugal, Ireland & Spain, a training course and a youth exchange in Romania.


Our guidebook is an extensive guide to communication and interview skills! We created it during our Jobshadowing in Ireland in 2021 and we made sure it is clear and easy-to-read.

It contains practical information for young people to sharpen their skills, perform well and make a good impression on employers on a job interview!

You can download the Guidebook here and also use it as a guide to test yourself in our exercise below!


In these videos created by participants of the Job Shadowing in Dublin, we show you what you should and shouldn’t do in an interview!

This resource can be used for teaching employability and interview techniques. There are two interview scenarios – an office job and a customer service job with examples of a bad and a good interview each!

We have also prepared two exercises for you. Watch the videos and test your knowledge to learn some job interview tips (click here).


This is an easy to read, visually stimulating quick guide to effective communication in your first interview! Check it out here!


The Shape Your Future Booklet contains the non-formal education methods we developed and used with young people throughout the project! 

It is a very comprehensive resource, containing in-person activities and online adaptations on a range of different topics! Youth workers and schools can easily use it to deliver training sessions and courses on employability, entrepreneurship and digital literacy. The booklet is available for free to download on the SYF Platform!

Some of these methods will be piloted during our online employability training course in January 2023!

Platform and Mobile App

 The Shape Your Future Platform includes an updated list of volunteering and job opportunities around Europe. Young people can create a free account and insert their CV. They can also view the employers profile, apply directly and find contact information. With the Shape Your Future app, young people will receive notifications for new opportunities in their area and partner countries. Download the app via App Store or Google Play.

The Platform also includes 3 free online courses on employability, communication and entrepreneurship.