Environmental Activism, EU Elections & Entrepreneurship: Erasmus+ Youth Project Kick-Off in Toulouse

We just came back from Toulouse, France for the kick-off meeting of our Erasmus+ Youth Project connecting environmental activism, the EU elections & entrepreneurship! Our French coordinator hosted us and our partners from Romania, Portugal, Denmark and Italy on the 27th and 28th January to discuss the first 12 months of our groundbreaking project “Youth Eco Activism in the EU”.

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The Project

Youth Eco-Activism in the EU‘ is a KA220 youth project designed to raise awareness of the climate crisis among young people and equip them with the tools to take initiative and address these issues. Specifically, the project’s goal is to guide youth in creating their own social enterprises focused on mitigating climate change and to encourage more young people to engage in climate action through youth-led activism and participation in the EU elections in June 2024.

The project involves young people and youth workers from France, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Denmark. It includes local activities and 2 youth mobilities in 2024. Partners will also create two practical guidebooks on online activism and EU elections, and a platform with information to set-up youth-NGOs.

The project has a Facebook page and Instagram page updated with all ongoing and scheduled activities.

The Meeting – Day 1

The first day of our kick-off meeting delved into essential aspects of the project. The meeting opened with the partner introductions and the revision of the project’s objectives, timeline and target groups. This ensured a clear direction for our collective efforts in the coming months.

Partners moved on discussing the core elements of the first 12 months of the project. We focused on brainstorming topics and approaches for the first module of activities and resources on Youth Online Activism. Local activities are about to start in all partner countries to create The Toolkit, a comprehensive guide to online eco-activism. This will equip our youth with the tools needed to make a meaningful impact in the digital realm.

After lunch, we went in depth regarding the second module – Impacting the EU Agenda. We discussed the arrangements of the first 5-day mobility of the project. Young people will have the chance to go to Denmark, discuss the role of the EU and visit the EEA! Stay tuned on our social media to learn how to apply.

We ended the meeting discussing the development of the project’s “Guidebook for youth political engagement”, strategic dissemination plans and documentation procedures.

The Meeting – Day 2

The second day was dedicated to the exploration of Toulouse! We visited the main city centre and its landmarks, allowing for informal interactions and fostering a sense of connection among partners.

All partners are thrilled to start involving enthusiastic young people and youth workers in our project. We truly believe this will be a transformative journey for youth and our communities!

The next step will be activities in preparation for our youth project mobility on environmental activism and the EU elections. This will take place at the beginning of March in Copenhagen!

So do you want to take part? Contact us and stay tuned for more information on our Facebook and Instagram page!