Your Vote, Your Future – Make It Count in the EU Elections 2024!

The EU Elections 2024 are just around the corner, taking place from the 6th – 9th June 2024. As young people, your voice matters more than ever. The decisions made in these elections will shape the future of Europe, impacting everything from climate policies to education programmes, and beyond. Here at HESL, we understand the value of youth participation and want to empower you to make a difference. Here’s why your vote is crucial and how you can make sure it counts.

Why You Should Vote?

Voting in the European elections is not just a right; it’s a responsibility and an opportunity. By casting your vote, you are directly influencing the direction of the European Union. Your vote helps to:

  • Shape Policies: Influence decisions on key issues like climate change, education, and digital transformation.
  • Strengthen Democracy: Uphold democratic values and ensure your voice is heard.
  • Promote Change: Support candidates and parties that align with your vision for the future of Europe.

How to Vote: Step-by-Step Guide

The EU Commission has made it easy for you to find out how to vote. Simply visit their dedicated website (, select your country, language and click OK.

Additionally, on this page, you can find other useful information about why you should vote in the next European elections, how the elections work, and what is being done to ensure they remain free and fair. Additionally, you can follow the 2024 election results as they come in, review past election outcomes, and access easy-to-read explanations about the elections. To help spread the word, explore our collection of free-to-download campaign materials designed to amplify your message.

Once you have selected your country and language, you will be taken to a page that shows voting information for your chosen country. Here, you will find a list of options, including:

  • What is the date of the elections?
  • How many members are elected?
  • How are the members elected?
  • Who are the candidates?
  • Which political parties can I vote for?
  • What is the threshold for political parties to be elected?
  • How many and which constituencies exist?
  • Is there a legal obligation to vote?
  • Who is eligible to vote?
  • Where can I vote?
  • and more.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Your vote is your voice, and it has the power to shape the future of the European Union. By participating in the upcoming EU elections 2024, you are taking an active role in the democratic process and helping to create a Europe that reflects your values and aspirations. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference.

Remember, the elections are only six days away. Make sure you’re registered, informed, and ready to cast your vote. Encourage your friends and family to do the same—every vote counts.

Let’s come together to ensure a brighter future for Europe. Your vote matters. Make it count.

For more information and to begin your voting journey, visit the European elections page today.

What To Take Part in Our Erasmus+ Projects?

We are currently implementing a range of Erasmus+ projects centred around the EU Elections 2024, political engagement and the environment. If you are aged 18 – 30, you can take part in some of our local and international activities coming up over the next few months.

Up-Root Eco-Democracy

The ‘Up-Root Eco-Democracy’ project aims to increase youth’s confidence in the EU’s ability to tackle climate change and increase youth voter turnout in the 2024 EU elections and beyond. Together, project partners will promote sustainable city development and green practices on a local to global scale, while simultaneously increasing youth’s capacity to research and advocate for environmental issues, promoting young voices in global debate (learn more).

YEA EU – Youth Eco-Activism in the EU

‘Youth Eco-Activism in the EU’ aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis among young people and provide them with the tools to take initiative and be actively involved in addressing these issues at local, national, and European levels. The project’s goal is to guide young people in creating their own social enterprises focused on mitigating climate change and to encourage more young people to engage in climate action through youth-led activism (learn more).


‘Social Theatre for the Active Generation in the EU’ (ON S.T.A.G.E) is a project designed to empower young people to engage with political issues through theatre. It aims to promote civic engagement among disadvantaged youth from ethnic minority backgrounds and those facing economic, geographical and cultural obstacles. They will develop critical citizenship skills and be encouraged to advocate for change by voting in the European elections, increasing their social participation (learn more).